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How to make your music portfolio

The first thing we need to do is create your music portfolio. Follow the instructions in the video.  If you cannot use sites, use an alternative method to present your work.

Here are some basic skills to help you learn

All reference material can be found here for you to review and use on your musical journey. Once you have obtained the skills, you can head to the sample project page to see what your project should look and sound like!

Sample project - Your work should look like this

Now that you have your own site and some relevant skills, it's time to get started! Open this page during every lesson. Follow the steps and videos while considering your own song choice. Copy the sections in white to your own project page, then use the examples in the dark sections to guide your answers to each step. Can you answer questions such as "What are you learning?", "Why are you learning this?", "How do you know that you are improving?" and "What step are you on?"