Student Portal

Get Started with your Music Portfolio

The first thing we need to do is create your music portfolio and project page. Follow the instructions in the video to complete this task. You can pause and re-watch the process at any time! Once you have followed the tutorial, Open the Sample Project Page with Steps and follow the progression. You may choose any piece of music that provides a personal challenge, use any instrument (even virtual ones!) and work in any size team. Don't forget to keep your portfolio looking professional!

Sample Project Page with Steps

Now that you have your own site, it's time to get started! Open this page during every lesson. Follow the steps and videos while considering your own song choice. Copy the sections in white to your own project page, then use the examples in the dark sections to guide your answers to each step. Can you answer questions such as "What are you learning?", "Why are you learning this?", "How do you know that you are improving?" and "What step are you on?"

Basic Skills

All of the knowledge you need to pass Step 1. This page contains information regarding keyboards, ukuleles and guitars.