KS3 Music Education Hub

The KS3 Music Education Hub is a free music curriculum and online resource for 11-14 year olds. A musical taxonomy of cognitive steps supercharges creativity, ownership, identity, and independence while students create and manage an online portfolio that showcases their unique musical journey. I have used this curriculum as stand-alone provision for classes that are more independent, within well equipped, specious schools. However, I currently use this program as provision for extension students alongside my music course.  The curricular aims are as follows:

How does the course Work?

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Planning and the Curriculum

Lessons are not planned for in a traditional sense because each student chooses their own piece of music to study and they may progress through the steps at their own pace; maximising differentiation opportunities. Students may also change their song choice as frequently as they desire and can repeat the process once finished, with a new musical selection. We are measuring how deeply each student accesses their chosen material which grants insights as to how deeply they can theoretically access any piece of music. Below you will find the instrumental skills as well as the learning objectives and success criteria located in the sample project page.

Click here to view the list of basic access skills.

View the progression of learning objectives (steps) and success criteria for each year group here.