Evermoon Music Studio

Augmenting Music Education

This space was created by Ewen Sinclair, a music educator who is passionate about student empowerment, creativity, and identity. He has taught and led the creative arts across all age ranges in a variety of schools in the UK, China, Germany, the UAE and Kazakhstan. As well as serving as a reference hub for students, this site contains a number of resources and ideas that can be downloaded and adapted for free!

KS3 Music Education Hub

The KS3 Music Education Hub is a free music curriculum and online resource for 11-14 year olds. A musical taxonomy of cognitive steps supercharges creativity, ownership, identity and independence while students create and manage an online portfolio that showcases their unique musical journey.

Creativity in Context

Creativity in context is a student driven music curriculum for KS1-3 that features an efficiently assessed, skills-based framework that also empowers student ownership and creativity. I halted it's development to work on digital curricula but you may find some useful resources within.

Musical Playground

Welcome to the Musical Playground! This is an interactive resource teeming with links for you to freely explore. See what you can discover, create or learn. Download and follow the glowing objects!

Online Music Lessons

All of the lessons in this series are designed with ease of access in mind. Each video tutorial is less than 10 minutes in length and features a clear goal with cognitive steps that can be achieved swiftly without access to instruments. Although originally levelled for different year groups, I feel that all KS2 students will be able to gain something from each session.

Our Musical Adventure

Our Musical Adventure promotes imagination and enthusiasm while generating a lesson structure that benefits both educators and students alike. The metaphorical adventure consists of 6 teacher triggered slides that represent different sections of a music lesson. Every slide is accompanied by a custom jingle that serves to orientate students.

Rhythm Workout

Rhythm Workout was created to improve the rhythm, listening skills and sight reading of primary level students. It features 2, editable PowerPoint downloads, brimming with interactive notation.